Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Cowgirl Postcards

When I was a little girl I had a red cowboy shirt with white stitching and shiny black cowboy boots. My room had cowboy wallpaper. I had a holster and a toy revolver. I was convinced that I would grow up to be a cowgirl!

Cowgirls captured the imagination of postcard publishers as well. The rules of decorum which applied to contemporary women in more "civilized" parts did not seem to apply to these strong, feisty women of the golden west.

I will show some of my favorite postcards here. I don't have many listed now but every once in awhile I run across a collection and list them on eBay. They are very sought after. I guess I am not the only woman who fancied herself a cowgirl at one time!

My eBay cowgirl listings can be found here: Cowgirl Postcard

This is a real photo postcard of a REAL cowgirl:

Here is an idealized beauty of a cowgirl by artist W Haskell Coffin from 1908:

And another beauty by Boileau:

I imagine they looked more like this:

Or this ...

I am certain they didn't look like this sexy version (must have been very risque circa 1910!):

At any rate, they were great shots as shown by these cards:

And nimble with the lasso:

And sought after by many a cowboy!

Well that's it for today. Happy Trails to you!

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