Friday, December 17, 2010

Christmas Postcard of the Day VI : Angel bringing Christmas Tree

For the next few days I will feature "angel Christmas postcards". They are among the most beautiful of the season and a personal favorite. 

Today's post card by an unnamed artist, shows an angel in clouds holding a Christmas tree. In my husband's native Switzerland, the children are not allowed to go into the "parlor" (stube) on Christmas Eve. Then, after supper, a bell rings and the doors are opened to reveal a magnificent decorated tree lit with candles with presents underneath - brought not by Santa Claus but by the Christmas angel (Christkindli). In our home here in the US, we follow primarily American traditionsbut have added a "Swiss twist". Every Christmas morning my husband descends the stairs to see if Santa (Christkindli) has come and then rings a bell signaling that the children can join him.

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