Thursday, December 23, 2010

Moody Mommy's Santa Christmas Postcard Spectacular - Days XI and XII

Green Robed Santa with Deer
Lots of Holiday preparations to attend to so I didn't quite find the time to blog yesterday (as my daughter pointed out when I was stressing about this - no one is following anyway so it shouldn't matter). Followers or not, I decided to make this post a "Santa Spectacular" by bringing some of my favorites from my personal collection. Santa is shown every which way: riding a bicycle, looking at the Panama Canal from an airship, bringing toys in a sleigh, in a car, with an angel ...enjoy!

Father Christmas Santa with child and wreath of holly
Black Robed Santa with Tree
Santa in Airship looking down on Panama Canal

Santa on Bicycle
Brown Robed St Nicholas at Window
Santa Claus with Child on Lap
Santa with praying children
Santa Bringing toys near Christmas Tree
Green Robed Santa in Snow
Green Robed Santa Passing Window
Elegantly Robed Santa Walking
Santa and Holly
Motorist Santa bringing toys in automobile
Santa with toys and list
Santa bringing toys in Rooster - sleigh
Fallen Santa with children
Santa in sleigh on starry night
Santa with transportation toys
Santa with lantern and angel

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