Sunday, January 9, 2011

Advertising Postcard from Minneapolis Grocery 1939 Heinz Products

I just love this postcard on so many levels! First of all, it was published by a grocery store in my hometown, Minneapolis MN. The store was located in the Linden Hills neighborhood, just a couple of blocks from beautiful Lake Harriet. The business district at the time was on a trolley line serving cottages and country homes. Today the neighborhood has many charming shops and has an urban "small town" ambiance.

It is surprising to note that the prices of the Heinz products are not that much lower than prices of similar products today, 70 years later (when you consider the cost of living - home prices, gas, automobiles etc). I thought it would be interesting to compare prices to today's Heinz products, but discovered that many of them are available only in the UK!

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