Saturday, March 21, 2009

Green Man in the Moon Postcard?

I have to admit that this one is interesting but has me stumped! It looks to me like cherubs are trying to get the Man in the Moon drunk ...and succeeding, evidently, judging by moon's the pallor! I can't figure out what occasion would warrant such a card.

The caption reads "To wish you 'All that you wish'". Perhaps it is meant as a multi-purpose greeting card? It is postmarked 1910 which would have been contemporary with the Temperance Movement but perhaps that is a coincidence, or perhaps not.

It is embossed and printed in Germany with no information regarding artist and publisher. It would be a great addition to a "Man in the Moon" collection even if it is not completely understood. It can be found here: Ebay Item 370176607448.

TTFN ~ Moody Mommy (Mary Ann)

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