Monday, March 23, 2009

The Joy Court Motel - If You Stop You Stay

You are a Stranger here but once
"If You Stop ~ You Stay"
A Good Court & Service Station
US Highways 54-60-285
East Vaughn NM

You have to love the hopeful motto of the Joy Court Motel in East Vaughn NM! The motel boasts of modern tub or shower baths, attached garages and inner-spring mattresses! It looks like Interstate 40 bypassed Vaughn to the North and left the motel to the occasional off road traveler. A check of motels near Vaughn (2000 population 500) doesn't list the Joy Court.
I can well remember when Texaco gas stations looked like this with a couple of pumps and required a key to use the restroom.

I have a passion for old motel postcards. They almost always had a motto. Even the tiniest 9 unit motels had AAA affiliation and sold postcards. Holiday Inns pretty much put an end to places like this, but in my opinion, roadside America is much more boring today!

I will feature other motels here from time to time and will soon start blogging about another of my passions, "Tacky Postcards". This postcard can be found on eBay here.

I have a motel, restaurant and roadside category in my store: Roadside Motels where you can find 1200 more "gems" like this one!

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