Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Hot Bird and Cold Bottle Postcard

This double entendre term was used around the turn of the century to connote a dashing "Man about Town". The "Hot Bird" was either a woman of dubious (translate 'loose') morals or a hot meal and the "Cold Bottle" was usually champagne. Although the idea of this saying strikes my feminist nerve, I really like the artwork and the outrageous costumes! Since the fellow is costumed as a cocky rooster, I guess the "hot bird" could be the male from the female point of view.

Often postcards illustrate popular sayings and songs from earlier eras that do not translate well to modern day sentiments. There are many comic postcards that I don't understand at all!

This postcard is currently listed on eBay: FOLKS IN COSTUME HOT BIRD COLD BOTTLE POSTCARD 1912

I am really busy scanning and listing today.

Moody Mommy (Mary Ann)

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  1. I have a postcard with the title "Hot Birds and Cold Bottles" that shows two young women drinking from what appears to be beer bottles.

    I added your blog to my blog list today.