Monday, November 2, 2009

Blogger, Facebook, Twitter ...

How is a person supposed to do all of this social networking, live a quasi-normal life AND run a thriving business? I don't know but I will say that tweeting and facebooking have been my occupations of late. I am not sure any of this makes a bit of difference - am I networking in blank cyberspace? Is anyone really interested in what I have to say? I decided to forge ahead anyway - I have a few Twitter followers but I think most of them are just trying to sell ME stuff like "how to sell on ebay" guides etc..or porn. I don't even know how you are supposed to get people to be a fan of your Facebook page short of paying for advertising (not in the budget)! The facebook page is really pretty with all the postcard images and one of my best friends is a fan (the rest of my family and friends evidently decided not to sign on and who could blame them if postcards aren't your thing?)

So to all of you who have stumbled upon this blog I will make this offer: Follow me on Twitter, Become My Facebook Fan or Follow this Blog and you can buy one postcard and get another postcard FREE (choose from any of my Buy-it-Now eBay listings priced at $10 or less). Just send me a message through eBay to let me know who you are, that you are a follower and the item number of your free postcard (don't Buy-It-Now or I will have to pay fees). One per customer - offer good until canceled.

Here I am on facebook: Moody Mommy's Marvelous Postcards Page
Here is my Twitter ID : MoodyMommysPCs
Here is my Blog: Moody Mommmy's Marvelous Postcards Blog

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